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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 2, 2009 10:30pm-11:30pm EST

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on three-run home run in ebbets field against the dodgers. had they lost that day it would have been tied and they would have played 2 out of 3 for the pennant. >> joe: here is utley. strike one. >> tim: after the game, the man who broke the color barrier, jackie robinson, three years earlier, came in the clubhouse and shook the hands of the 25 white players who were going to the world series and played 25 white players. there were 11 african-americans in baseball after the 1950 season. just think abouthow compassionate that was and robbie has never forgotten it. >> joe: utley leading off in the bottom of the seventh.
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howard will follow and then jayson werth against phil coke. ball two. we talked about that run for the yankees. that was world championship number two of five straight between 1949 and 1953. the phillies, who were swept in that series, would not get to the world series again until 1980 when they won their first world championship over kansas city. ey won it last year. trying to repeat here in 2009. here is the 2-1 to utley. 2-2.
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phil coke is the fourth pitcher of the night for the yankees. burnett lasted two plus. robertson, two shutout innings. the thing for aceves. 2-2. full count. >> tim: i don't think it's arguable that rich ashburn, the most popular sports figure in this city's history. >> joe: part of that whiz kids team and then one othe beloved voices covering this phillies organization. >> tim: from 1963 to 1997. >> joe: 3-2 is hammered foul. you were a former broadcast partner of ritchie ashburn who had an unbelievable sense of
10:33 pm
humor. >> tim: unbelievable. >> joe: two-time batting champion and four-time all-star and there is that run as a phillies broadcaster from '63 to '97 and a hall of famer. >> tim: i just smile thinking about it. >> joe: another 3-2 to utley and a shot into right! how about this series for utley? another home run! second of the night. he ties reggie jackson for most in one world series and he makes it 7-2. >> tim: when you stand top of the plate, you like the ball
10:34 pm
inside because you have to have quick enough hands to like it inside. another home run for utley. >> joe: the crowd wants a curtain call. >> tim: i don't blame them. >> joe: foul ball by ryan howard. utley stays in the dugout. >> tim: middle of the plate. not for long. >> joe: he is about to turn 31 in december and he is definitely in the conversation, tim, chase utley, that age-old question if you were going to start a franchise, who would you start it with? he has to be in that conversation. >> tim: absolutely. no question. >> joe: the 0-1. good swing by howard. one of the better cuts he's
10:35 pm
taken in this world series. it's 0-2. and off balance with that swing. alex rodriguez is out of room. it's out of play. we talked about it during game one that chase utley, kind of a new stat en vogue, on base percentage, plus slugging percentage, as far as a second baseman, the defensive position, at the plate, he is number two all-time in that stat to rogers hornsby. >> tim: fastball up. >> joe: 0-2 pitch.
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and it's up and out of the strike zone. ball one. coke gives up a home run to the lefty utley and howard goes around for his record-tying 12th strikeout in this world series. >> tim: a breaking ball to ryan howard. we've said that a lot because that's what the yankees have done. they've thrown him a lot of breaking balls. looked like he went too far. joe: he ties willie wilson for the most strikeouts in a world series. a record willie wants no part of and now he has company with ryan howard, set back in 1980. so hughes getting ready. the yankees try and get him
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figured out. a big part of the bull pen that has certainly struggled this postseason. phil hughes. there is ball one up and in to jayson werth with 1 for 3 with rbi single and run scored in a three-run third inning. so back-to-back batters, one guy ties reggie jackson, mr. october, for most home runs in a world series. the guy behind him, ryan howard, ties willie wilson for most strikeouts in a world series. utley is doing his part to make sure that -- >> tim: kind of the story of two swings. utley's and then howard's. >> joe: 2-0 the count on jayson werth who has popped seven home runs this postseason and he flies one into center for gardner. two out.
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here's ibanez. 1 for, an rbi single as well back in that three-run third. hit the ball hard three times tonight. now deals with the left-hander phil coke. there's another good swing, but a foul back. he doesn't leave much behind when he cuts it loose. he may have a tear and in a muscle in his abdomen, but he doesn't swing like it.
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here is the 0-1 pitch. one ball, one strike. the yankees will have their big bats in the eighth inning, damon, teixeira, and rodriguez. bull pen is quiet for philadelphia. lee is over 100 pitches on the night. up to 103. here is the 1-1. straightens up ibanez. ball two. on 2-1. ibanez launches one to right!
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get out the tape measure. that makes it 8-2. off the billboard, over the seats in right center. and the phillies have their biggest lead of the night, thanks to two seventh inning home runs. and that is it for phil coke. >> tim: and th billboard in right center field, says "drive 'em out of here." and that is what ibanez did. >> joe: 420 feet. phillies are having fun tonight hitting off coke in the seventh, their biggest lead. the sixth pitching change for new york.
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if it fits, it ships ywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. come on. how about...a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> joe: five home runs this world series for chase utley. first two against sabathia and
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two tonight and one off burnett and one off phil coke to tie reggie jackson for the most in a world series. 8-2. ibanez with a shot off phil coke. now phil hughes is trying to get his pitching stuff back in order. two out, nobody on, and a fastball is in for a strike to feliz who is 0 for 3. >> tim: even with the yankees trailing 8-2, joe girardi trying to get something positive to take back to new york, if they lose this game. >> joe: breaking ball fools feliz and the count 0-2. the pitcher's spot has been cleared. so girardi can let hughes go a little while. the yankees will have the 2, 3, and 4 hitters in their half of the eighth.
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>> joe: ben francisco takes over in center field and nobody was more surprised than that than shane victorino who looked out and somebody else was standing in it. ben francisco and shane victorino came back and said, what is the deal? >> tim: when he was pointing twice like that, he says do i go back out this and go to left and come out of the game? charlie manuel said no. i think they are giving him a rest with a six-run ball game and not a bat idea. >> joe: ben francisco replaces shane vek tore reno. top of the eighth inning. johnny damon up. a flyball down the left-field li line, slicing foul.
10:48 pm
strike two. chan ho park and scott eyre in the bull pen for the phillies. johnny damon has a single, run scored, a walk and a rbi groundout. set up here at 0-2 and a breaking ball misses. ball one. teixeira next. to have the. top of the eighth. 1-2 pitch. reaching for it. checks on rollins and he can't get a grip on the ball. so from near strikeout on that breaking ball called ball one to that grounder to short and jimmy rollins couldn't field it cleanly. >> tim: you can see that ball hung up in the heel of the
10:49 pm
glove. rollins with only six errors on the year. i think it's going to be a base hit and it is. should have been. >> joe: it brings in teixeira. weekdays make lunch time new prime time as brings you lunch with benefits. logon to original sports shows delivered to your desktop weekdays at 1:00 eastern. tomorrow is coach speaks with brian billick and only at on msn. one on, nobody out for teixeira. and a strike from cliff lee. that's as good as his velocity has been all night. 91 miles per hour from the left-hander. lee is 0 for 3 and now 1 for 17 in this world series. 1-1. >> tim: cliff lee, like cc sabathia. look like they can throw 15 innings, if necessary.
10:50 pm
>> joe: pitch number 110 is swung on and missed by teixeira. strike two. he has life with that fastball here in the eighth. and that ball is hammered into left field. it will get past ibanez to the wall. teixeira digs for second and has a double. second and third and nobody out. with alex rodriguez coming up and one swing of the bat could make this a three-run game. >> tim: that was a change-up from lee, but he lot it up and so did teixeira. for 3 with an rbi double, he has flied
10:51 pm
to center and flied to right, will be at the plate. and rodriguez, who is 1 for 3 with an rbi double, he has flied to center and flied to right, will be at the plate. >> tim: of all the baseball questions that have to be answered, how do you feel, may be the most prevalent. we have to get our guys in our stats to look that up and how many times that question has been asked. >> joe: and how often is the answer "i am fine"? damon with an infield hit, a double by teixeira. here is rodriguez. he could tighten this with one swing. six home runs this postseason for rodriguez and he shoots one in the air to left into the
10:52 pm
alley and off the glove of ibanez! one run scores, damon. here comes teixeira. and it's a two-run double for alex rodriguez and just like that, it's 8-4 here in the eighth. >> tim: joe, that's what shane victorino was talking about when he pointed, "do you want francisco in left field" because both are better outfielders than raul ibanez. ibanez going to his left. the ball right off the francisco in left? because we are better fly chasers. and that is a fact. want me in francisco in left? because we are better fly chasers. and that is a fact. >> joe: 112 pitches on the night
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- eh? - wow! the dollar menu. every day, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba >> joe: chan ho park takes over with a runner at second, nobody out. two runs are home and 8-4 game and those two home runs that were hit in the bottom of the seventh, won by uey and one by ibanez loom large now for philadelphia as they lead by four, facing elimination here tonight. and nick swisher is first up against park. remember, hideki matsui is left on that bench for joe girardi. strike one to swisher. thought it was outside.
10:56 pm
it's strike one. swisher tonight 0 for 2 with a walk against cliff lee who threw 112 pitches. he gets the decision. can only get the win here in game five. one ball, one strike from park. park worked an inning last night, walked one, struck out one. did not face the batters last night. he will deal with here tonight. pitched predom dominantly from the top of the lineup here for the yankees. park took something off. strike two. >> tim: rich dubee, the pitching coach for the phillies, really believes in the change-up and a lot of philly pitchers throw
10:57 pm
that. cliff lee does, ryan madson, chad durbin. he does not, however, believe in the split finger fastball. he thinks the change-up is superior. >> joe: swisher, checks his swing. it's 2-2. awful close. no swing said jeff nelson, the third base umpire. the 2-2. to the right side. utley makes the play. over to third goes rodriguez. one out in the inning.
10:58 pm
we showed you some of the tape. here is the rest of it before the start of this eighth inning when phillies made the change. charlieanuel taking shane victorino out of the lineup, out of the outfield, inserting ben francisco and let's take a look and listen. you can see victorino pleading, say, move ben to left, i'll play, i'll stay in center. u baun yes stayed in the game in left and had a ball go off his glove hit by rodriguez for a two-run double. now cano with ruiz going to the mound to talk to chan ho park. emotion is such a key to the game of shane victorino. >> tim: you're right.
10:59 pm
>> joe: you can see him coming up to charlie manuel with those wide eyes, shocked he was coming out of this game five with his team facing elimination. charlie manuel wanting to give him the rest of this night off. already x-rayed that right hand to see if there is a break in it from when he was hit by a.j. burnett in the first. so he is finished tonight. cano, a business base hit last time up. good pitch. down and in. strike one. >> tim: the change-up from park. >> joe: cano hit 25 home runs during the regular season. has not gone deep this postseason. that inviting right field here at citizens bank park.
11:00 pm
like there is one in his home park in the bronx. he pops it up. shallow center for francisco. rodriguez will tag and come to the plate and score! rodriguez watching it the entire way and the throw by ben francisco was late and it's an 8-5 game. >> tim: it is interesting to notice the third baseman, when anybody is tagging up at third base. what they try to do is line themselves up between the guy tagging and the center fielder so they can't really see it. you can see feliz standing next to rodriguez in line with the center fielder and trying to block his view and upset his timing. unsuccessfully. >> joe: and rodriguez, tim, really came down the line was
11:01 pm
judging how good that throw was to see if he carried on to the plate. >> tim: very smart base running by a-rod. >> joe: not a very good throw by francisco and it's a three-run game in the top of the eighth. two out. nobody on. so you know, in world series history, for the yankees, largest deficit overcome to win a game, six runs. '96 world series, game four. this was a six-run lead. now it's a three-run lead. >> tim: that top of the sixth inning, derek jeter led off that inning and the yankees scored three runs because joe torre said, "let's cut it in half," and that is what the yankees did. >> joe: the rest of this game is not without drama in what is a three-run game right now. gardner is up. gardner makes an out, you're looking at the ninth inning with
11:02 pm
posada, a hitter like matsui, who could come off the bench and, jeter, and if anybody gets on, damon, then teixeira, the big bats factor in with some sort of a rally for new york as we play now in the eighth. >> tim: if the phillies don't score in the bottom of the eighth, do you look for brad lidge again? >> joe: gardner tonight is 0 for 3 with a strikeout and two groundouts. yankees score five runs off cliff lee in seven plus innings on seven hits. if you're just joining us, utley with two home runs, five in this series, ties a record held by reggie jackson. alex rodriguez has 18 rbis this postseason, three tonight.
11:03 pm
that's a yankees single postseason record with these extra tiers of playoffs and the numbers for cliff lee who can only be the winner tonight, as chad gaudin, the right-hander, and brian bruney, the right-hander, get loose. here is the pop-up, out behind second for rollins. good work by chan ho park. bottom of the eighth, phillies bat, now leading by three. sometimes, the little things in life feel like our biggest enemies. they can be damaged... they can be stolen. happily, there's the american express charge card. if something you recently bought with the card breaks, it can be repaired, replaced
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>> joe: that video brought to you by warner brothers pictures "sherlock holmes" starring robert downey jr. in theaters christmas day. ruiz leads off from phil hughes. it's ruiz, then a pinch hitter, matt stairs, then jimmy rollins. the pllies will have to go deeper into their bull pen for the end of this one. park did a nice job, one perfect inning. lee, seven plus innings. five runs on seven hits b in line for the win. 8-5, bottom of the eighth.
11:07 pm
now rivera has changed his location from the dugout to the bull pen. the 0-2. breaking ball. grounded up the middle. ruiz has another world series hit. his tenth. over the last o years, now 10 out of 32 and lead-off man is on and stairs will, indeed, bat with nobody out. >> tim: yeah, charlie manuel has two ways to go. you could put eric bruntlett up there to bunt. bunt ruiz to second base, play for one run. but charlie is thinking -- charlie is a hitter at heart, period. he wants to see mt stairs do what matt stairs tries to do every pitch, hit it off the end of the world.
11:08 pm
>> joe: so far, stairs is 1 for 6. in this world series. he got a start as a d hrh in ga two. had a base hit for an rbi, his only base hit this postseason. one ball, one strike. a fastball from phil hughes. check on the runner at first ru ruiz.
11:09 pm
stairs, the oldest player that the phillies can send up there on their active roster. oldest player in this world series. up on on the count here at 2-1. >> tim: matt stairs plays in two hockey leagues in bangor, maine called his buddies a couple of weeks said, keep the ice cold, guys, i'll be up in a couple of weeks. >> joe: 2-1 the count and a strike. born in february of 1968, started his pro career in '89 and got to the big leagues, first, with montreal in '92.
11:10 pm
hitting here in the eighth inning of game five with his phillies facing elimination, up by three. the 2-2. ground ball. cano gets it, flips it. out over to first and two outs, nobody on. nicely turned. rollins coming up. with the bases empty, jimmy rollins steps in. he has been on base three times tonight with two hits, a walk, and a run scored. interesting to see ryan madson getting loose. >> tim: it is. >> joe: a ground ball to second. right at cano and right into the
11:11 pm
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>> joe: ge number five goes into the ninth inning and it's an 8-5 philadelphia lead. aerial coverage brought to you by directv. to get the most channels in hd, call 1-800-directv. ryan madson takes over. and not brad lidge. up by three runs. a save situation right now for the phillies and it's madson lidge, last night, took the loss. and madson fires strike one to posada with matsui on deck and then jeter. >> tim: my opinion on on this, i don't know whether this is true or not, but i think ryan madson is less inclined to walk himself into trouble than lidge is and that is why he's in the game and
11:15 pm
not brad. >> joe: that drives posada off the plate. brett myers is getting loose so brad lidge is not being considered. >> tim: right. >> joe: here in the ninth inning. that's ball two. 2-1. world series fact that no team has ever come back to win after trailing by three or more runs in the ninth inning in the history of the world series. 2-1 pitch is inside. 3-1. the 3-1. hit in the air to right. back is werth. this ball is off the top of the wall!
11:16 pm
good start to this ninth inning for the yankees. it's a double for posada. >> tim: the one down side of that not issuing a walk is that on a 3-1 pitch, ryan madson properly throwing a fastball for a strike and making posada hit to get on and jorge does. >> joe: we went through the numbers last night. brad lidge, who was perfect last year, while the phillies won the series over tampa bay, 48 for 48, all told. during the regular season, had an e.r.a. of 7.21, lidge, worst among closers and blew 11 saves. he is standing in the bull pen watching madson deal with hideki matsui. the yankees need one more base
11:17 pm
runner to have a chance. ball one, high. good rip by matsui. good fastball from madson. 93 miles per hour. it's a 1-1 count. here is the 1-1. ball two. the '57 yankees came back to tie
11:18 pm
game four in the world series. lost that ball game, the yankees did, in ten innings, to the milwaukee braves. two balls and a strike. runner at second and a ground ball, base hit, left field. going to third is posada and now the tying run will come to the plate for the yankees in the ninth inning and the yankees are back to the top of their lineup with derek jeter. >> tim: i think what joe girardi could do now is pinch run ma require row pena even though matsui is not the tying run. on a force play to second base, it might be worth it here. normally, you don't do that unless the winning or tying run is on at first base. here is pena. just added to the list today.
11:19 pm
>> joe: here comes rich dubee to talk about it. as the tying run will come up, derek jeter, here in the ninth inning. tonight's saving moment of the game to this point is brought to you by walmart. save money, live better. walmart needing a jump in the first inning tonight. chase ut bli a three-run home run against a.j. burp net but that is a distant memory right now. because the phillies look in to derek jeter who is about to dig his way into the batter's box representing the tying run against ryan madson and now there's more action for the phillies in their bull pen. as lidge does get up with the lefty scott eyre. it's jeter now. it's damon on deck and teixeira
11:20 pm
looming. first and third, nobody out. jeter takes a ball. >> tim: i am surprised that ryan howard is holding matsui on. i think if you play back in the position, give yourself a better chance to field the ball by derek jeter. the odds are a lot better and i don't think matsui is going anywhere. >> joe: jeter hits a lot of balls to right field. >> tim: in fact, he has done that tonight in the fifth inning, singled to right, right past the outstretched glove of howard. >> joe: that's wide. it's 2-0. this philadelphia team, led by six, 8-2. got three runs home in the eighth and first and third, nobody out here in the ninth.
11:21 pm
here is the 2-0. 2-1 with a 92-mile-an-hour fastball from madson. madson, in his fourth straight game of thisorld series. ground ball to short. rollins flips. out. over to first. a big double play! a run scores but two out in the ninth. no rbi for jeter, who bounces into a 6-4-3 double play. well turneby rollins and utley. >> tim: and the phillies love that trade, two outs for one run in the ninth inning, they will
11:22 pm
take it in a second. >> joe: now ruiz out to talk with the left-handed hitting damon who got it started in the ninth inning last night for new york with a base hit. stole two bases, scored the winning run on a double by alex rodriguez. so jeter does not come through in the ninth inning. sew posada who led off with a double scored. bases are cleared and two out. phillies one out away from sending this to game six on wednesday night. strike one. strike two.
11:23 pm
and a check swing foul. phillies trying to avoid a sweep here at home. they came into game three having won 11 of 12 in their home park over the last two post seasons. damon in that battle mode, as he was last night against brad lidge. now time called out in right field as jayson werth is
11:24 pm
motioning in toward home plate that something in the background is bothering werth. as he looks into home plate. 0-2 the count on damon. two out. phillies up two. ball one. ball two. >> tim: damon proving once again it's a lot easier to get two strikes than the third strike. >> joe: trying to get on for teixeira who led the american league in home runs during the regular season with 39.
11:25 pm
ground ball up the middle. damon keeps it going and brings the tying run to the plate. on base for the fourth time tonight. three hits and a walk. and a smile on johnny's face here in the ninth inning. >> tim: the pesky damon. >> joe: and the hit. now teixeira, who has two postseason home runs with the yankees. one right-handed and one left-handed. takes a strike over the outside
11:26 pm
corner. teixeira hit 39 home runs during the regular season, 30 of them batting left-handed. so eyre stays in the bull pen and madson stays in the game. good change-up for strike two as damon takes second. no stolen base. again, the phillies, one strike away. wouldn't go after that change-up. ball one. who is standing on deck? alex rodriguez. he won the game last night with a two-out ruby double in the
11:27 pm
ninth inning. a two doubles tonight and three rbis. back to the bronx!
11:28 pm
cliff lee gets the victory. he is 4-0 this postseason, 2-0 this world series. and our american express take charge player of the game is the starter and winner, cliff lee. he didn't have his great stuff tonight, but it was good enough. seven plus, five runs, seven hits, three walks, three strikeouts, 112 pitches and he was good enough to get this world series to game six in new york and we welcome you to the chevy postgame show on fox and down to the field and mark graze. >> mark: thanks, joe. i'm down here with jimmy rollins, the captain and leader of the ball club. hey, it was a hard-fought win and tight one but it was a win and you had to do it. >> yeah. we had to do it. we didn't have a choice. either go home and watch football and college basketball or extend the season.
11:29 pm
>> mark: obviously, chase utley with a big game. you guys fell behind and crowd was battling but you got the team going with the base hit in the first. >> yeah. i didn't want to come out. i want to be aggressive and wanted to saened message to ur team wour ging. send a message we're going out swinging. had a fastball up and it was just a message i was sending. >> mark: that a boy. also, what makes you think you can win this thing? >> we have no choice. li i said it's either go home and i'll watch basketball or take a trip down broad street. >> mark: we're not ready for that, folks. that a boy. hey, nice going. back up to joe. >> joe: all right, mark, thank you. we go back down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. chase, two home runs tonight. five in the world series. you tied reggie jackson's record for most home runs in a world series. now i know you don't like to


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